So on Tuesday…

This happened!


We hAd left the door under the bleachers open so we could set up poles. Little nosy
noodle walked right into the creepy dark place and stood on top of poles.



It snowed!

She was such a good girl this morning! Even with the temps in the low 20’s she was a pretty good girl. Even a little bit lazy. However, she was so good I walked her home too 🙂 What a good lumpkin.

Walking to the arena

Walking to the arena

Walking home!

Walking home!


Little girl in her big blankie! It’s supposed to snow tonight.

Lunging Mondays!

Beauty in the morning.

Beauty in the morning.

This morning was cold. Effing cold. But no matter, it was lunging with small person day and we still went to work. I pushed her a bit in her turn out to keep her cantering to try to obtain obedience. I want her to keep cantering until I tell her to do something different without having to chase her all over. It will get better it will just take time.

I popped Jordhann on her back and lunged Sulley while telling Jordhann what to ask for. I was very pleased this morning with how she responded. What a great girl! After today I felt confident she would give a basic w/t lesson on the lunge NO PROBLEM. Her “air brakes” are developing nicely. We worked a few canter transitions and then ended. I heeded her home on the right side to develop that confidence of being led on either side and the slapped her cute little sheet back on. It’s in the 20’s! Soon she needs a heavier blankie!

Tomorrow is a normal work day but she will have Thursday and Friday off from my work because I will be out of town. Jordhann is going to turn her out but thats about it. I will put on Loki’s old medium weight blanket for tonight as it is supposed to drop in the low 20s and we’ll see how she fairs with it.

And thats my morning so far ^_^

Little running girl!

Tuesday Tuesday!

We had a pretty good work session today. Walk trot and canter when I asked it was so smooth! I cannot wait until our ride Thursday. Maybe we’ll pull out those trot poles again. I’ll leave you with a picture from my dismount.


Yoga on a cold Morning!

Yoga on a cold Morning!

The View From Uptop

I handed my student my camera and said video tape! I lunged her on Sulley’s back today to get a feel for how she would act in a lunge lesson. She did pretty good. I think now Mondays will be lunge the intern day and I will ride her Tuesdays and Thursdays and allow for a naked day on Fridays!

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